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Bloodsucking Bosses

To support the DVD release of Bloodsucking Bosses, out Monday 16th May, we have some branded goodies to spice up your office space with, courtesy of Entertainment One.

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Evan (Fran Kanz) is in a rut. He’s over-worked in a soul-destroying sales job and he’s just been dumped his girlfriend Amanda (Emma Fitzpatrick), who also happens to be his HR manager. To add insult to injury, his boss (Joel Murray) has just passed him over for promotion and parachuted in Max (Pedro Pascal), Evan’s college nemesis.

Soon after Max’s arrival, people begin acting strangely and the bodies start piling up, but Evan is initially too preoccupied with himself to notice. When he eventually catches on that Max is a bloodsucker in the very literal sense, he bands together his slacker best friend Tim (Joey Kern) and the remaining humans to rescue Amanda and save their careers from hitting an (un)dead end.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer the following question.

bloodsucking-bosses-eacJoss Whedon regular Fran Kanz starred as the brilliant Topher Brink in which criminally underrated TV series? 

A) Firefly 

B) Angel

C) Dollhouse

If you think you know the answer send your entry to

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The closing date for entries is May 30th and the winner will be notified by email shortly after. Good luck!

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