Indie Spotlight: The 10th Circle: False Flag

The 10th Circle False Flag

Last year Jellyfielder Studios released a mini-episode for our forthcoming new web series The 10th Circle. Containment centred on a secret meeting between two high-ranking government officials regarding a classified operation they were undertaking. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ve included it at the bottom of this post.

The first full episode of The 10th Circle is now online with False Flag available for your viewing pleasure. Ordinarily, this is the part of the article where I would give you the fast sell to hopefully entice you good internet people to click play and take a chance on our latest offering. However, I am unable to divulge much in the way of details as it would only spoil later instalments, but I can provide you with the official False Flag synopsis.

With unemployment at record levels, the complete privatisation of the medical sector and up to a 3-month wait to get on a food bank list, Britain has become far from great.

In order to earn extra money, more and more citizens are willingly undergoing to medical drug trials. After weeks of meetings and tests for a pioneering new trial, Amara is finally inducted into a programme.

Starring Stephen Atkins, Franciska Bijou Steiner and Melanie Radlof, False Flag is available to watch right now and we would very much appreciate your support.

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