The Ring vs The Grudge Is An Actual Movie and Here’s The Trailer

The Ring vs The Grudge

You’d think being fellow vengeful spirits, Sadako from The Ring and Kayako from The Grudge would be super (natural) BFFs. That’s not the case for the upcoming mash-up Sadako vs. Kayako aka The Ring vs The Grudge, as these horror titans are going to war with each other.

Last year this very premise was used as the basis for an April Fool’s joke, but clearly it struck a nerve and has now become a reality. Movie franchise crossover often lead to messy results, Alien vs Predator was an abomination, Freddy vs Jason was, but Dollman vs Demonic Toys was da bomb! While Hollywood might be struggling to make a good horror movie crossover, Japan has no such problems seems as this first teaser is super creepy.

The US remakes of each respective franchise started off well, but the sequels didn’t fare as strongly with The Grudge 3 arriving staring to DVD and the for coming Rings reboot has been repeatedly delayed. Ironically, vs movies appear to be all the rage right now with Batman picking an ill-advised fight with Superman, and Godzilla will get a rebooted rematch with his old mucker King Kong.

There is currently no UK release date set, but Sadako vs. Kayako arrives in Japan on June 16.

Japanese horror icons and vengeful spirits Sadako and Kayako will fight in the ultimate battle for supremacy.

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