See How Deadpool’s Colossus Was Created

Deadpool and Colossus

While it was a shame that Daniel Cudmore didn’t reprise his role as Colossus in the smash hit Deadpool, Tim Miller and his effects team did a great job brining the character to life on a limited budget. If you wondered how Miller and co put the complex visual effects together, then prepare to be informed!

A new behind the scenes video reveals the painstaking process and the five actors it took to bring Colossus to the screen. There has been some debate about the possibility of an extended cut of Deadpool when it arrives on DVD/Blu-ray. Director Tim Millers says the theatrical cut is the definitive version, but Ryan Reynolds has teased a longer cut could be on the cards. Either way, we have be promised that there will be a wealth of deleted scenes, making of docs and other bonus material. Obviously, that collection of extras is only for the cool kids who take the time to watch bonus features and listen to commentaries.  

After two weeks in cinemas worldwide Deadpool has currently amassed more than $500 million, whisper it quietly, but Deadpool might turn out to be the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time before the end of its run. Deadpool is out now in cinemas and you can read our spoiler filled review right here.

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