Everything Wrong With Mad Max Fury Road


You might think even the watchful eye of Cinema Sins would struggle to find anything wrong with Mad Max Fury Road, one of the the most unexpectedly awesome movies in recent years was about as perfect as a summer blockbuster gets. That said, Cinema Sins have still managed to find the faults.

Easily one of the biggest creative wins of the year was George Miller’s insane return to the wastelands of the future with Fury Road. A troubled production and three decades in the making, the end results were pure joyful cinema at its finest. I remember being in a bit of a funk around the time Mad Max returned to cinemas, and my old mucker Jim made the simple suggestion of “just see Fury Road”. Taking his advice almost immediately, my enjoyment of Fury Road resulted in a rare thing, I came out of the cinema and got a ticket for the next showing.

George Miller has two further Mad Max stories to tell, the next will be titled The Wasteland although the filmmaker wants to make something smaller before the next Max sequel. I remain unconvinced that a fifth Mad Max movie will be made any time soon, but I hope to be proved wrong.

Anyways, here’s Cinema Sins Everything Wrong With Mad Max Fury Road video for your entertainment. 

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