400 Days Trailer

400 Days

The Syfy cable channel are branching out into theatrical releases and tense psychological thriller 400 Days is their latest offering. Former Superman and current Atom, Brandon Routh, leads the cast that finds four astronauts preparing for a deep space mission that will test every ounce of their sanity.

In order to be mentally ready for a 400 day mission, the four person crew is put through their paces in an immersive simulation that replicates the stark environment they will be enduring. However, when they experience power failures and other strange occurrences the crew begins to question how simulated their mission really is.

Shot in just 19 days, the movie might lack the gloss of a Hollywood blockbuster, but with a high-concept and lashings of tension it could be a cult classic in waiting. Also starring Dane Cook (Mr. Brooks), Ed Kavanagh (The Flash) and Caity Lotz (The Pact),  400 Days is released in selected UK cinemas & VOD on 19th August.

In preparation for a journey into deep space, a group of four astronauts spend 400 days in an incredibly realistic space capsule simulator, only to discover that their mission might be realer – and far more dangerous – than they imagined.

Despite tensions amongst the crew, the mission initially goes as planned, with the crew focusing on their daily duties. When the capsule starts shaking uncontrollably and they start losing power, they think it is all part of the simulation. But when they can’t get a hold of mission control, genuine fear and suspicion sets in… What really is the truth about their mission?

The crew become paranoid and agitated, and things go from bad to worse. They realise they are not alone on the ship, and it soon becomes apparent that the mysterious stowaway might not be altogether human.

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