Win Two David Reynolds World War II Documentaries

World War Two 1941 and The Man of Steel,

Two fascinating historical BBC Four war documentaries World War Two 1941 and The Man of Steel and World War Two 1942 and Hitler’s Soft Underbelly, presented by renowned British historian Professor David Reynolds come to DVD for the very first time in the UK courtesy of Simply Media. We have a copy of each insightful documentary to give away to one lucky reader.

In World War Two 1941 and The Man of Steel, out now, Reynolds examines Josef Stalin’s handling of the conflict between the Soviet Union and Germany during the Second World War. The name Stalin means ‘man of steel’, but Reynolds’ penetrating account reveals that the man himself was anything but.

The British fought the Second World War to defeat Hitler. World War Two 1942 and Hitler’s Soft Underbelly asks why, then, did they spend so much of the conflict battling through North Africa and Italy? Reynolds reassesses Winston Churchill’s conviction that the Mediterranean was the ‘soft underbelly’ of Hitler’s Europe. Travelling to Egypt and Italian battlefields like Cassino, scene of some of the worst carnage in western Europe, he shows how, in reality, the ‘soft underbelly’ became a dark and dangerous obsession for Churchill.

Soft UnderbellyTo be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize, just answer the following question.

Can you name the Academy Award winning actor who played Joseph Stalin in the aptly named 1992 TV movie Stalin?

A) Robert Duvall

B) Al Pacino

C) F. Murray Abraham

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World War Two 1941 and The Man of Steel is out now on DVD, and World War Two 1942 and Hitler’s Soft Underbelly is released on DVD on September 5th.


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