Shut In Sets Home Entertainment Release Date


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Two-time Academy-Award Nominee Naomi Watts stars in the relentlessly tense thriller Shut In. The heart-pounding movie arrives on PVOD from 24 February and makes its Blu-ray & DVD on April 10th April.

Naomi Watts stars as Mary, a once career driven child psychologist who has now devoted her life to caring for her paralyzed son since a horrific accident claimed the life of her husband. Mary’s isolation grows when a devasting blizzard hits the town and cuts her off from the outside world. An already difficult situation takes a nightmarish turn when a young boy in her care disappears during the blizzard and Mary becomes obsessed with finding him. However, when she becomes plagued by visions of the boy around her home, Mary begins to question her sanity as it becomes clear that there’s something else in the house.

Also starring Oliver Platt, Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things) and Room’s Jacob Tremblay, Shut In is released on PVOD on February 24th and Blu-ray & DVD on April 10th. Check out the trailer below.

After losing her husband in a tragic car accident that also left her teenage stepson, Stephen (Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton), paralysed and uncommunicative, child psychologist, Mary (Oscar Nominee, Naomi Watts), finds herself isolated in a remote New England house, struggling with her responsibilities as a carer while juggling her career.

When a new patient, Tom (Room’s Jacob Tremblay), left grieving after the death of his mother, vanishes in a severe winter storm and is presumed dead, Mary continues to hear his voice and catches fleeting glimpses of him around her home. While her doctor puts her visions down to sleep deprivation, Mary begins to suspect something more sinister as the storm cuts her and Stephen off from the outside world, and the intensifying apparitions cause her to fear for her sanity – and her life.

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