Fargo Season 4 Is Happening

Following the conclusion of the third season of FX’s acclaimed anthology Fargo, speculation emerged that it would be the last run owing to showrunner Noah Hawley’s busy schedule. However, FX chief John Landgraf has revealed that a fourth season is happening.

Speaking at the TCA press tour on Friday, Landgraf had this to say about Fargo’s future.

“It’s not gone. Noah Hawley has told us that he has an idea that excited me enormously for a fourth cycle of Fargo. The plan is to have that ready for 2019. I’m focused on what’s coming in 2018. The anticipation is there will be another cycle of Fargo in 2019.”

Classed as a spin-off from the classic Coen Brothers film, Fargo has delivered tense fact-based tales of betrayal, crime, greed, and an unexplained one-off appearance from a UFO (seriously). I was genuinely surprised with how much I enjoyed both of Ewan McGregor’s performances in the third season. McGregor’s last few acting choices (Trainspotting 2 aside) haven’t been the most challenging, and he seemed to have fallen out of love with his craft. Thankfully, it was just a case of not being given good material as McGregor is on fantastic form in Fargo. Additionally, McGregor was also great in Trainspotting 2 (not going to call it T2).

We’ve always had a bit of a wait between seasons, but Hawley’s other FX series Legion has been taking up a fair chunk of his time. Legion’s first season was a head trip and easily the craziest thing to come out of the X-Men universe on the big or small screen. The second season received an additional two episode order taking the overall episode count up to ten. The second season is due to launch on FX this April, so there is plenty of time to get all caught up one season one before its return.

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