The Bad Christmas Movie Challenge: Jingle All The Way 2 [2014]


Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears I’m watching some fudging awful Christmas movies, and I’m starting with Jingle All The Way 2.

The Christmas Movie Challenge is back albeit with a sinister twist, after a long hard think I decided that there is plenty of love out there for good festive movies. I gave a year of my life (for reasons unknown) to watching one Christmas movie a week, most of them were good, a few were bad, but all of them were Christmas-centric.

This time, I’m highlighting some of the worst movies set at Christmas, so you don’t have to, odds are you would have seen many of these already, in that case just sit back and read an angry man saying a plethora of hurtful things.

Jingle All The Way 2, I almost feel that this movie doesn’t need to be watched to know it’s awful beyond words. However, if you were in doubt let’s just quickly examine the evidence. Exhibit A, there’s no Schwarzenegger, he’s been replaced by Larry The Cable Guy. Exhibit B, it arrived on DVD 18 years after the original a movie that was an embarrassment to all involved at best. Did I miss my chance to sign the petition that wanted, nay demanded a sequel to Jingle All The Way? I guess I was busy that day.

DTV sequels are usually an inch away from a Mockbuster; you know those movies that sound like another movie but aren’t the movie you wanted. Occasionally a fun knock around DTV sequel crops up; Tremors had a bunch of sequels that were a hoot, even Death Race 2 & 3 had their moments so it can be done. The fact that Jingle All The Way 2 exists is a sad commentary on the human race.

I’m not going to tear Jingle All The Way 2 down for being dragged into reality, in a weird way it’s not its fault as belated sequels nobody asked for is a lazy way to grab an audience. That said, the fact that it was written by Stephen Mazur who penned Liar Liar serves as the sad squashed little cherry on a cake that’s been interfered with, sexually.

What Jingle All The Way 2 lacks in charm, it makes up for by being relentlessly terrible from start to finish. A name only laugh-free sequel that will leave you a bitterly disappointed husk, so basically it encapsulates the Christmas experience for many of us.

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