Bloody Cuts Deathly Presents Serves Up A Festive Horror Treat


Christmas has indeed come early as the frighteningly talented folks at Bloody Cuts are back with an all-new short film to chill the blood. The Christmas themed Deathly Presents will have you afraid to open any secret Santa gifts out of fear of what’s inside.

A young couple and their offspring are dead excited about Christmas, so much so that the kindly parents allow their son to open one present early. However, it’s not a Buzz Lightyear or one of these newfangled video game systems inside the mysteriously wrapped package. Spoiler alert, it’s not a mogwai.

Like many of you, I find the festive season somewhat creepy and even as a child I never liked the idea that a strange man slinks down the chimney at night to leave presents. We didn’t have an open fireplace, but we did have a three-bar heater, and I used to give myself a headache trying to work out how Santa could get through. I resided to the idea that Santa was a demon and must be destroyed. Alas, that’s a horror story for another day.

Written, produced, edited and directed by Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton, Deathly Presents is a short, sharp shocker and made with the same level of class we’ve come to expect from team Bloody Cuts. I can’t wait to see what they cook up next.

If you missed Franklin and Melton’s rather splendid new project The Outer Darkness, then you can watch the first instalment below.

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