Box Office Update – Paranormal Activity 3

paranormal-activity-3-movie-poster-01Paranormal Activity 3 will undoubtably be the number 1 movie in America this week, it’s on track for a $50 million opening weekend – that’s ten times it’s $5 million budget.

The third part in the franchise is set in the 80’s and depicts the first encounter young sisters Katie and Kristi had with the entity in their house. Catfish directors Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman are behind this latest installment. With no Saw movie this Halloween for the first time since the series started in 2004, Halloween now belongs to Paranormal Activity. Expect a 4th part to be announced in the very near future.

Elsewhere in the chart The Three Musketeers looks unlikely to even break double figures for the weekend. The Paul W.S Anderson’s 3D version of the classic tale hasn’t done anywhere near expectations, it grossed under $3 million on friday. Actress, Milla Jovovich who stars in the film (and is Mrs W.S Anderson) took to twitter to have a go at Summit Entertainment for not promoting the film. She tweeted that Summit were ‘Making no effort’ and that they were ‘resting on their laurels  because of the Twilight franchise’. She went on to accuse them of sweeping the movie under the carpet in the US. The rest of the world seems be be enjoying the films as it has already banked over $50 million so far. Milla is currently filming the fifth Resident Evil film once again directed by Paul W.S Anderson, and will be in cinemas next year.

For our full look at the box office in the US and UK check back with us on Monday.

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