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Wonder Woman Crushes The Box Office

Warner Bros executives can breathe a sigh of relief as Wonder Woman has reigned supreme at the box office. Taking an estimated $103 million over its first weekend in the US, and another $122 million from the rest of the world, Wonder Woman has gotten off to an impressive global start.

Some online outlets are focusing too much on Wonder Woman’s haul being the lowest in the DC Expanded Universe. Yes, it is true that Wonder Woman has launched to less than Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, but it’s worth remembering that all of those movies managed to polarise audiences and critics. Wonder Woman has garnered near universal approval and having seen the movie myself, I’m thrilled to report that director Patty Jenkins has delivered a big summer crowd pleaser that isn’t afraid to be fun. That’s right, a DC movie that is fun in all the right places, dramatic when it needs to be, and less bothered by world building. Instead, Wonder Woman tells a satisfying self-contained story and is all the better for it. More of this right now please Warner Bros.

I am now hoping that Wonder Woman has the box office legs to do what none of the other DC movies in this shared universe has done, break $1 billion worldwide. It’s already over a quarter of the way there, so if the fans can get behind the film then it’s not out of the question.

Other notable box office milestones included Pirates 5 crossing $500 million after less than two weeks on release. Some critics dubbed it a return to form, other labelled it the worst thing their eyes have seen this year. I’ve not seen it yet, as the last Pirates jaunt set fire to the remaining goodwill I had left for this franchise.

Those lovable A-holes otherwise known as The Guardians of the Galaxy officially surpassed the worldwide haul of the first movie. Vol.2 has now grossed more than $820 million globally and still has a shot at suiting up to join the $1 Billion Club.


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