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The X-Files Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Complete Series Box-Set

Well, this milestone snuck up on us. The X-Files is 25 years old and to celebrate this landmark TV show’s anniversary in style; a brand new complete series box set is being unleashed. For the first time, all 218 episodes are available in one must-own collection.

Inspired by a growing distrust in government and a fondness for the supernatural, Chris Carter’s pilot for The X-Files first hit our screens in 1993, and a cult classic was born. Like many worldwide, we were captivated by both the evolving mythos of Mulder and Scully’s quest for the truth, as well as spectacular moments where the series taught us to sympathise with monsters both figurative and literal.

Not only is this complete collection a prime opportunity to re-experience the beginnings of a phenomenon, but with guest appearances by actors like Ryan Reynolds, Aaron Paul and Shia LeBoeuf years before they achieved international stardom, earlier seasons can feel like a Who’s Who of future celebrities! Bryan Cranston’s performance as a one-off appearance as a sympathetic villain even led to his eventual iconic casting in Breaking Bad.

With all 218 episodes, you’ll be entertained for days to come with this box set that compiles not just the nine beloved classic seasons, but also the tenth and eleventh seasons of the series’ highly anticipated revival. The future of The X-Files might be in doubt with Gillian Anderson hanging up her badge. Chris Carter has suggested that he would be willing to continue without her, and in an interview with Den of Geek had this to say;

“I think there will be more X-Files,” Carter said. “They haven’t locked up the file cabinet in Mulder’s office. There are still more stories to be told. It’s not the same X-Files without Mulder and Scully. In the same breath, there is a lot of life left in the show. I think you haven’t seen the end.”

The X-Files Complete Series: Season 1-11 is released on DVD & Blu-ray on October 15 from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.


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