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Buffy Quiz: What’s My Line? Part 1

If you smashed our Big Bad Buffy Quiz, then you’re clearly an expert on all things Slayer related, you’re a superstar. Before you bust out your chosen beverage for a surprise celebration, we’ve devised another quiz to leave you bewitched, bothered and bewildered. So buckle up, show some initiative, and get it done.

If you know Joss Whedon’s seminal series back to front, then you’ll need no help unleashing your potential to take this quiz all the way. However, if you find yourself restless or get pangs over some of the answers, you can always try again once more with feeling.

It’s Showtime!

In case you wondered, there will be a question in the quiz on how many Buffy episode titles are hidden in the above text, so make sure you’ve read it through a couple of times before moving onto the quiz. Good luck!

Buffy: What’s my line?

Welcome to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Whats my line quiz. Can you correctly choose the character that said the line?


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