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X-Files 25th Anniversary Quiz

Well, this is one milestone that snuck up on us. The X-Files is 25 years old and to celebrate this landmark TV show’s anniversary in style; a brand new complete series box set is being unleashed. For the first time, all eleven seasons are available in one must-own collection on DVD & Blu-ray. Jam-packed with brand new special features, The X-Files Complete Series box set is a must for all fans. 

To mark the occasion, we’ve made an X-Files quiz to put your knowledge of the hit series to the test. The Truth is out there.

X-Files 25th Anniversary Quiz

The X-Files is 25 years old, and to celebrate a quarter of a century investigating the unexplained the complete series box set containing all eleven seasons is arriving on DVD & Blu-ray. To mark this landmark occasion, we've put together a brain-busting X-Files quiz to test even the most avid of fans. 


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