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Ash vs Evil Dead Third and Final Season Arrives on DVD/Blu-ray For Halloween

Horror icon Bruce Campbell and his equally as iconic chin return for the ultimate instalment of Ash vs Evil Dead, a bloody, violent, yet fun horror comedy adventure that continues the legacy of Sam Raimi’s beloved franchise. While it is a sad thing that the fantastic third season is the last, the fact we got thirty episodes and fifteen hours of Ash instead of one big screen sequel is something to be celebrated. The third and final season arrives on Home Entertainment just in time for Halloween on October 22 for you to enjoy every gore soaked outrageous moment.

Returning to his fan favourite role decades after he last charmed us as the chiseled, chainsaw-wielding anti-hero, Bruce Campbell confidently reminds us of how he came to be the face of the celebrated franchise. No longer constrained by a film’s run-time, Ash vs Evil Dead gives fans hours of gloriously gory action, as well as an unprecedented look at the battle-worn man who once defeated the Army of Darkness.

Ash isn’t alone in his quest to end the deadite plague however. Joined by a supporting cast of young sidekicks caught up in the wild ride, and a powerful performance from the legendary Lucy Lawless, our hero is surrounded by both perfect partners and worthy opposition to his trademark charm.

Sprays of blood and dashes of gore are perfect companions for outlandish action and hilarious one-liners but watch out for when Ash vs Evil Dead truly flexes its horror muscles, you’ll jump out of your skin! Complete your collection with the unmissable final season!

The Complete Third Season and The Complete Series: Seasons 1-3 available on DVD & Blu-ray 22nd October 2018 from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Groovy. 


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