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Stocking Chillers: Santa Claus is A Vampire

Christmas is almost upon us once again, if you’re finding all the commotion overwhelming with visits to Santa, gifts to buy, and dreams to weave, then pop your feet up for five minutes with a festively themed horror short.

I love a title that tells you exactly what you’re getting from the off, and they don’t come more direct that Santa Claus is A Vampire. Just imagine if The Sixth Sense went with Shyamalan’s original title, He’s A Ghost He’s A Ghost, Bruce Willis is A Ghost. I doubt it would have made as much money or launched M. Night Shyamalan’s career, which has swung back round to be exciting again with the upcoming Glass promising to deliver the goodies.

Getting back on track, Santa Claus is A Vampire is a neat little short that wears its influences on its bloodied Santa sleeve and is a hoot. If you’ve ever questioned if Father Christmas is secretly a vampire (if you think about it the evidence is overwhelming), well wonder no more!

Happily married couple Sharon and Cody are returning home with this year’s Christmas tree when an unexpected encounter with Vampire Santa Claus leaves Sharon sole defender of her home where no one is safe, not her son, the babysitter Holly or even herself. Can she stop Santa from coming down that chimney? Traditional vampire rules apply…


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