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The 10th Circle: Containment

The 10th Circle

The first episode of Jellyfielder Studios’ The 10th Circle has arrived online.

Having taken a bit of a creative break this year to put this new anthology series together, we are all beyond chuffed to be finally releasing episodes. Last year we belatedly joined the masses and produced our first web series, we had a blast making The Bench, and we met a host of marvellous actors and actresses across six standalone episodes. We followed The Bench that Autumn with Survival Mode reuniting the brilliant Cameron Edwards and Kane Ogieva from A Bench of Fire and Ice.

The 10th Circle finally provided a suitable platform for We Love Movies [more than you] co-founder Mr Jim Parker and myself to work together on the scripts. Aside from this first mini-episode, every instalment of The 10th Circle has been crafted from the warped minds of two dark hearted film geeks. 

Directed by Louise Camish with music from the multi-talented False Landscapes, Containment stars Annabel Pemberton (The Bench: Pickle) and Tim Shoesmith. We will be dipping in and out of the story that starts here over the course of the series, but for now please enjoy the first instalment.

Welcome to The 10th Circle.


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