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Inside No. 9 Will Be Back For Series 3

La Couchette

Ending months of speculation over the future of BBC Two’ Inside No. 9, co-creator Reece Shearsmith has confirmed that a third series is in the works.

Taking to Twitter, Shearsmith said;

“This is rumour control – here are the facts. We are indeed making a third series of “Inside No 9″. Steve and I have written the new series.”

The BBC have yet to make the news official, and there are no firm details on when the series will be returning. If you have yet to watch the dark anthology series, then I would urge you to read my series one spoilers free review. Each episode is set in a different number 9 house (or room) all centred around the bizarre goings-on behind closed doors. The duo branched out during the second series of Inside No. 9 and made their co-directorial debut on two episodes. While the series won’t be to everybody’s taste, I have loved their work since The League of Gentlemen was but a radio show. So, anything that has Steve Pemberton and Shearsmith working together on is something I am immediately excited about.

Their previous series Psychoville was an incredible piece of work, they even served up a sinfully good Halloween Special in-between the first and second run. Cancelled after a total of 14 episodes, Psychoville deserved a bigger audience than it found, or at least a little more promotion from the BBC. On that note, I have to say that BBC Two did a terrible job promoting the second series of Inside No. 9. As a regular TV watcher and insomniac, I didn’t see a single trailer for the series until a week before broadcast. The BBC has its fair share of problems right now, but get your act together and let people know a brilliant series is returning ASAP.

The important thing here is that six new darkly laced stories from Pemberton and Shearsmith are on the way. More on Inside No. 9 series three as soon as our hostage regains consciousness.


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