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New Clips From Creed


Ahead of the US release of Creed, a selection of clips from the Rocky spin-off have hit the internet. Sylvester Stallone reprises his iconic role as Rocky Balboa, this time the Italian Stallion is steeping into the shoes of a trainer to get Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) fitting fit.

I’m still a lisle skeptical over seeing Rocky on the big screen again, almost a decade ago (REALLY?) Stallone returned to the role for a fitting send off with Rocky Balboa. I liked where we left the character, while it wasn’t a definitive full stop, it restored credibility to the ageing franchise.

We have already seen the mentor angle play out before with the dreadful Rocky V, so is there anything new about Creed? Odds are the answer is no, but familiarity and the occasional cliche didn’t stop The Fighter, Warrior or Southpaw from being thrilling entertainment.

Directed by Ryan Coogler, Creed is ready to rumble in UK cinemas on January 16th, check out the clips below.

Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) never knew his famous father, world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, who died before he was born. Still, there’s no denying that boxing is in his blood, so Adonis heads to Philadelphia, the site of Apollo Creed’s legendary match with a tough upstart named Rocky Balboa.

Once in the City of Brotherly Love, Adonis tracks Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) down and asks him to be his trainer. Despite his insistence that he is out of the fight game for good, Rocky sees in Adonis the strength and determination he had known in Apollo—the fierce rival who became his closest friend. Agreeing to take him on, Rocky trains the young fighter, even as the former champ is battling an opponent more deadly than any he faced in the ring.

With Rocky in his corner, it isn’t long before Adonis gets his own shot at the title…but can he develop not only the drive but also the heart of a true fighter, in time to get into the ring?


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