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Die Hard 5 gets Green Light

Die-Hard-61-371x194After months of speculation Die Hard 5 is now officially a go, more than just a go as it has a title, release date and confirmed start of January next year for filming.

Max Payne Director John Moore will be calling the shots for the fifth and likely final installment of the iconic action franchise. The plot sees McClane team up wit his estranged son who finds himself in a spot bother after a rouge Russian leader’s daring prison break.

This will be the first time that a Die Hard movie will be set internationally, as the original broke the mould for action films its good to know the makers are trying to at least keep it fresh.

That said it’s title is a bit cringeworthy, A Good Day To Die Hard was what they came up with. It’s not awful but it’s certainly not great. The fourth part was originally called Live Free of Die Hard but that became Die Hard 4.0 for Europe.

Many people didn’t like part 4 and despite it feeling like an old school action film, they had neutered McClane – all his attitude was gone. However, the special edition DVD of Die Hard 4.0 had a extended cut that reinstated the swearing, the violence and all of his lovable attitude. It’s not the best of the bunch but it’s vastly improved and a pretty good film. I’m not saying that swearing made it better but it can’t be a Die Hard movie with McClane saying fiddle sticks.

A Good Day To Die Hard will be hitting cinemas summer 2013.


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