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Source Code – The TV series?


Despite some nagging holes in the logic of the film there’s no denying that Source Code was a great concept.

It’s highly unlikely that Jake Gyllenhaal’s  character Colter Stevens will be the star (or appear at all) and director Duncan Jones has already stated he has nothing to do with it.
Source Code was a very enjoyable sci-fi thriller, and did pretty well at the box office. It certainly lends itself to a TV mission of the week format, and there has been an absence of good new sci-fi on TV lately. Comparisons with the legendary Quantum Leap are natural, and to those with a keen ear would of spotted Sam Beckett himself Scott Bakula on the phone as Colter’s Dad, which was an inspired touch to the movie.

Obviously it will be going down the pilot episode route before a series gets the go ahead, so it could all fall apart before it even starts. No casting decisions have been made yet but Steve Maeda (Lost, Lie To Me) has been brought in to draught the script and TV producer Mark Gordon is on board to produce the potential series.
We will keep you updated as the story develops.


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