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New The Woman in Black Trailer

We’re quietly excited about The Woman in Black movie. Not just because it’s the first post Potter role for Daniel Radcliffe, but it marks a true return to form for recently resurrected Hammer Horror.

Since their rebirth Hammer have produced a string of let downs, none of which were in the mould of anything they had done before. Obviously times change and audiences have become more sophisticated so they needed to up their game. There was a web series, a couple of movies including last years The Resident starring Hilary Swank and featuring a cameo from Hammer legend Christopher Lee. So far none of the new projects have to felt or looked like a Hammer movie, until now.

This is the third trailer and certainly tells us more about the story, the previous trailer was more atmospheric but the new trailer delivers jumps and tension galore. The Woman In Black will be haunting cinemas from February next year.


Patty Jenkins confirmed to direct Thor 2

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Die Hard 5 gets Green Light

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Anything but a Dream House

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Box Office Monday – Real Steel

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