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UnknownHello, you gorgeous internet peeps, you. Just a few quick words on how the releases for this week are panning out, not because you demanded it, or even wanted it, but because you’ve been good and I wanted to spoil you. It looks, unsurprisingly, like THOR is gonna top the home entertainment charts next week as the best-selling of this week’s new releases. Marvel’s penultimate solo offering before next year’s Avengers is outselling all the other titles and sits atop the chart like a Norse God sat on a pile of Frost Giant bones. Next is the Jason Statham-starring BLITZ, its sales fuelled by a combination of a fairly healthy marketing campaign, the release of his new big screen outing The Killer Elite last week and by The Stath’s pretty loyal and fairly sizable DVD audience. The London based cop-killer drama fell a little flat for me to be honest despite a fine supporting cast that includes Paddy Considine (one of my personal favourites) and Aiden Gillen (The Wire, Queer As Folk). Still, Statham gets to growl about London and act as if the Rodney King tape was an instructional video, so it can’t be all bad. The rest of the top five best-selling new release DVD’s are TV Box Set city with THE BIG BANG THEORY Season 4, HOUSE Season 7 and FRINGE Season 3 all doing well.

I found House Season 7 to be a little lacklustre, truth be told; Hugh Laurie’s obnoxious but lovable rogue was on fine form as always but the series seemed to lack shape overall and showed definite signs of flagging. SPOILER ALERT!!! (See? I care…) With the news that Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) has left the show and that series regular Robert Sean Leonard (House’s main sidekick James Wilson) has had his number of episodes slashed due to budgets cuts, it’s looking bad for TV’s favourite cane-wielding diagnostician. Still, with Season 8 starting any day now (and with House in prison, judging by the trailer), who knows?

fringe_s3_dvd1Fringe started out as an X-Files retread but over the last two seasons has evolved into something quite strange; a show set in two different realities, with the same cast playing two different versions of the same characters. Different title sequences give you the heads-up regarding which of the two worlds any given episode is set in and the whole thing becomes far too complicated to go into here, suffice to say that if you dig hokey but fun sci-fi TV (which I generally don’t) you should check it out. Walter Bishop, the perpetually hungry, self-medicating genius (played by Lord Of The Ring’s Denethor, John Noble) is a constant source of joy. The show has been threatened with cancellation at the end of every season pretty much, so give it a go, they’ll appreciate your patronage. SPOILER ALERT!!! With the complete erasure of one of the shows three main characters from the show’s timeline at the end of Season 3, Season 4 could go anywhere. A word of warning though: it’s too involved and too far along now to try and pick up so do yourselves a favour, go back to the beginning and start from there.

Next week’s new releases are hideous, like full-on, sign of the Apocalypse bad so THE MID-WEEK NEW RELEASE DVD & BLU-RAY UPDATE! will most likely be back in two weeks time. Until then, keep your collective ends up.


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