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Out Now on DVD – Trust

trust-move-posterSince the explosion of social media, the murky world of online predators has become a difficult and dark subject matter for films. We have had Catfish, Hard Candy and now former Friends star David Schwimmer directs Trust.

No you didn’t misread that, after making his feature film directorial debut with Run Fat Boy Run. Schwimmer now turns to more serious matters for his second film. Sadly Trust didn’t get much of a theatrical release anywhere, and arrives here straight to DVD. But don’t let that put you off.

Staring Clive Owen and Indie queen Catherine Keener, Trust is an uncomfortable film, but its a well made character driven thriller. After months of talking online, teenager Annie (Liana Liberato) meets her boyfriend for the first time. When they meet it becomes clear that  new friend is not who he claimed to be. Ok so the plot might be a bit movie of the week and at times its a bit ‘by the numbers’ Fortunately it’s got fantastic performances from its cast lead by Owen, Keener and newcomer Liberato, who is definitely one to watch out for.

It’s really admirable that Schwimmer chose a difficult subject matter to push himself as a director. It’s not a flashy film but Schimmer shows real care to handle to a delicate balance between thriller and family drama.Trust is out now on DVD and Blu Ray

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