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Bruce Willis Stars in Tense Thriller Survive the Night

Action movie legend Bruce Willis is back on our screens next month alongside Chad Michael Murray (Agent Carter) with the gripping home-invasion thriller Survive the Night.

After committing a violent robbery, brothers Mathias and Jamie are making a getaway with their loot when a simple stop at a gas station escalates into a shoot-out due to Jamie’s violent impulses. With Mathias mortally wounded, trigger-happy Jamie is forced to stalk a trauma doctor named Rich (Chad Michael Murray) from the hospital to his home. Holding Richʼs wife, daughter, and ex-sheriff father hostage, Jamie demands Rich operate on Mathias and either save his life or lose his family…

To survive the night, Rich must team up with his estranged, tough-as-nails father, Frank (Willis), in order to gain the upper hand and turn the tables on the criminals. With lives hanging in the balance on both sides and Jamie’s desperation leading to increasingly erratic actions, the tension rises as the morning approaches as father and son are forced to make a stand in order to defend their loved ones.

Starring Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill, Riverdale) alongside action superstar Bruce Willis, Survive the Night is directed by Matt Eskandari (Trauma Center, 12 Feet Deep) and Live Free or Die Hard co-producer Stephen J. Eads

Survive the Night is on Digital Download 20 July & DVD 27 July from Lionsgate UK, pre-order your copy today.


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