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Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford Will Be Back For Indiana Jones 5


It’s official folks, Indiana Jones will be back on the big screen sumer 2019 with Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role. Steven Spielberg will direct the as yet untitled sequel with franchise staples Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall producing. One name that was missing from the press release was George Lucas, having plucked the MacGuffin tree for all its fruit he is reportedly not involved in the new movie at all. YAY!

I think we can all agree that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was not the Indiana Jones sequel we deserved (or wanted). The Shia LaBeouf swinging through the trees sequence remains a stain of the franchise, but I doubt he’ll be back as Indy’s son in the next chapter. I’m thinking that Chris Pratt could be getting an offer to replace LaBeouf and continue the franchise. Last year Pratt was rumoured to be taking over the role of Dr Jones, but Pratt himself revealed the studio had not officially spoken to him about the reboot.

The ominous hand hovering over the reboot button was cut off when Spielberg voiced his desire to make one more Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford. If you think about it, Chris Pratt taking over the franchise as the son of Indy is a compromise that I think the fans could live with. By the time Indy 5 reaches cinemas, Ford will be 77 years young and Raiders of the Lost Ark will be celebrating its 38th anniversary, I’m starting to feel that milage catching up with me.


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