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Late Night With The Devil Trailer

I have maintained for years that the found footage genre has little originality left; a steady stream of direct-to-DVD/streaming movies keeps the genre going, but there is surely nothing new to do with this old-hat format. Well, serve me up a double helping of humble pie as filmmaking duo Colin Cairnes & Cameron Cairnes have done something rather incredible with Late Night With The Devil.

Set in 1977, David Dastmalchian stars as late-night talk show host, Jack Delroy, his popular show (Night Owls with Jack Delroy) attracts a large audience, but one night, something alarming happens, and we are presented with the surviving footage of that fateful recording. During the live television broadcast, havoc unfolds when Delroy interviews a parapsychologist and the subject of her recent book, a young teenager who was the sole survivor of a Satanic church’s mass suicide.

The trailer gives us a fantastic feel for what to expect, and it gave me goosebumps with the glimpses of some stunning practical effects on offer in what is sure to be an instant cult classic with horror fans. Late Night With The Devil will get a limited theatrical release in the UK on March 19, and will be released on Shudder later in the Spring, check out the trailer below.


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