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Sinister 2 Red Band Trailer

Sinister 2

Mr. Boogie is back, but don’t let his cute name fool you as he returns to torment a new family in the follow-up to the smash hit horror movie Sinister. Scott Derrickson has his hands full with Doctor Strange so he handed directorial duties to Ciaran Foy, but Derrickson does return to the fold to co-write and produce the sequel.

The first Sinister was a surprisingly effective little chiller, in the same way James Wan opts for suspense over gore, Sinister was more of a ghost story and all the better for it. Here’s hoping that the follow-up follows the same winning formula.

For the full lowdown on what to expect from Sinister 2, here’s the official synopsis;

Courtney (Shannyn Sossamon) and her twin boys, Zach and Dylan, have moved into a seemingly idyllic secluded old house in an attempt to start a new life. But the building has a secret: it is the scene of a gruesome ritualistic murder which bears a striking resemblance to a series of family slayings that have taken place over the past fifty years.

A private detective (James Ransone) investigating the recent massacre of a famous author and his family is led to Courtney and her children, whom he believes will be the next victims. As he pieces together the mystery behind the murders he uncovers an ancient myth that means the killer might be someone – or something – more evil than anything he could have imagined.

Sinister 2 will be haunting UK cinemas on August 21st.


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