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Nathan Fillion Stars In Uncharted Fan Film

Ever since the powers that be revealed that a motion picture would be made from the best-selling game franchise Uncharted, fans have been vocal about who should take on the role of lovable rogue adventurer Nathan Drake. Well, that vast majority want, nay, demand that Nathan Fillion is given the role, and the universe has finally delivered.

Director Allan Ungar has brought fans the ultimate Uncharted fan film with Nathan Fillion stepping into the well-worn shoes of Drake. The fifteen minute short might not have the budget for loads of action scenes, but what it lacks in budget it makes up for with heart and gusto.

The response to the short has been overwhelmingly positive, which has led to talk of some form of continuation (make it a web series now somebody). Speaking to Slash Film, Ungar revealed that he’s open for more if the opportunity presents itself.

“When we sat down and I pitched this to Nathan, I said, ‘Look, regardless of what happens, I’m going to be totally thrilled if this just lives and dies as a well-received fan film, bringing something to the fans that they’ve been wanting to see for the last decade. That being said, the best case scenario for us if we felt this way is that maybe someone asks if we can continue this story and Sony was interested in exploring it.”

The Uncharted film is still in development, at the time of writing, Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy is attached to direct Tom Holland (Spider-Man Homecoming) inline to play young Nathan Drake. It remains unclear if this iteration is still happening, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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