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Full Metal Jacket Star R. Lee Ermey Has Died Aged 74

Acting legend R. Lee Ermey has died aged 74. Best known for his role as Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, the sad news of Ermey’s passing was announced on his official Twitter account by his friend and manager Bill Rogin.

Before he was an actor, Ermey enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps at the age of 17 and served more than a decade on active duty. His role in Stanely Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket provided him with his big-break, Ermey enjoyed a prolific career in film and television with roles in Seven, Leaving Las Vegas, The X-Files, The Frighteners, Toy Story 1-3, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and a History Channel series Lock ‘n’ Load with R. Lee Ermey to name but a few. Our thoughts go out to his family at this terrible time, The Hollywood Reporter will be proving updates as soon as they are available.


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