Creepshow Season 3 Review

Back for a third collection of horror stories, Shudder’s small screen update of Creepshow remains a cheeky little treat for fans of the anthology genre.

Kicking the season off with an adaptation of Joe Hill’s (aka Stephen King’s son) short story Mums, and takes things to a monstrous level with the second story, Queen Bee. The latter finds a trio of friends who all worship the same superstar singer, Regina (Kaelynn Harris). They think they might get to glimpse Regina at the hospital to give birth secretly; while they do get to see her, what they discover is potentially more significant than front-page news. Without spoiling this episode too much, the horrific conclusion is one of the bleakest endings in Creepshow history, and it’s another strong story worthy of a feature-length version.

Episode 2 starts with Skeletons in the Closet (directed by showrunner Greg Nicotero) is my favourite of the season as it’s another story jam-packed with movie references. Lampini (Victor Rivera) is a lifelong movie lover, and after the passing of his Father, Lampini acquired his late father’s massive (and rare) collection of film props and plans to open a Museum to display the many treasures his father collected. However, his father’s rival collector (played by James Remar) calls and claims one of the exhibits was obtained illegally, setting a bizarre chain of events in motion. Loaded with Easter eggs galore, this episode demands repeat viewing to try and spot them all.

Season 3 is also home to another animated story, The Things in Oakwood’s Past, and the final story, A Dead Girl Named Sue, gives us an old-school 60s set black and white chiller. It’s another fine collection of cautionary tales, unexpected laughs, and a handful of WTF moments. Creepshow is a delightful and deliberate throwback and one I hope is on Shudder for many more seasons.

Creepshow seasons 1-3 are now on DVD and Blu-ray, and season 4 lands on Shudder on October 13th.

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