More Disney 3D From The Vaults


After the recent success of The Lion King, Disney have announced that more of it’s back catalogue will be released on the big screen in 3D.

Currently four movies have been named and given release dates. The first to undergo conversion is Beauty and the Beast, this should be out in America early next year. Finding Nemo will follow,  arriving in cinemas mid September.

Monsters Inc will be unleashed in early 2013 and Ariel swims back to shore as The Little Mermaid returns sometime September that year. No confirmed UK dates have been made yet, but it’s likely to be around the same time as the US.

I’ve made no bones about my feelings towards 3D, in it’s current form it does nothing for me apart from give me a headache from squinting at the dark image on the screen. Toy Story 3 has been the only film I enjoyed, it just looked a bit prettier. The 3D didn’t enhance my enjoyment of the film, it looked stunning but it didn’t need to be in 3D. I didn’t see Up in 3D, I opted for good old retro 2D.

That said, the Ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast has the potential to be stunning. It will take more than Nemo, Beast, Sully and a mermaid to sell me on 3D, maybe a trip to Middle Earth would do it. While I’m not that excited by the announcement, I’m at least interested to see these back on the big screen again, even if it does feel like Disney taking a second bite of the apple, not a poisonous apple but an apple filled with money and gold.

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