Dude, Where’s My Ferret Trailer Scampers Its Way Online

Dude Where's My Ferret

Filmmaker Alison Parker is back with another ferret-themed comedy, Dude Where’s My Ferret is now available to rent or purchase from Vimeo on Demand and VHX. Shifting from crowd-pleasing children’s films to the more adult themed stoner comedy appears to have been a seamless transition for the acclaimed filmmaker.

We’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Alison Parker several times over the last couple of years. Back when The Jellyfielders podcast was a thing, we discovered her debut ferret project Jake and Jasper at the same time we became ferret owners. It is genuinely inspiring and heartwarming to see how her work gets more ambitious with each new project.

As regular readers will know, there is always a home for independent projects on We Love Movies [more than you]. As the movie industry becomes a more singular landscape, it’s the indie filmmakers currently making the most intriguing productions.

Not that you should need any further encouragement to see the new short film, the full trailer is now online to entice you to its charms. If you’d like to find out more about the movie, head on over to the official Dude, Where’s My Ferret website.

Skeezix has grown a righteous marijuana plant for the Colorado Chronic Cup Contest, whose grand prize is a cool thousand dollars. When Skeezix’s dream girl Zelda shows up at his stoner pad to give him a lift to the venue in Boulder, it seems like everything is going to be gnarly. But when Zelda runs off unexpectedly, leaving her buzzkill pet Ferret Bueller behind, the situation becomes decidedly bogus. Can Skeezix keep his plant and Ferret Bueller in one piece before Zelda gets back, or will the bumbling stoner lose everything?

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