Duds of the Summer

We might have a little bit of sunshine left but the summer movie season is well and truly over. Some films did well (Thor, Captain America) some exceeded expectations (Fast Five, The Help) we had three new additions to the Billion dollar club (Pirates 4, Transformers 3 and Deathly Hallows part 2). Then there was a few that didn’t do so well, while it’s not nice to poke fun at those that flopped, frankly some of them were doomed from the start.

In no particular order, there was the remake of Conan with a budget of  $90 Million. It was a contender but with a worldwide gross of barely $50 million I doubt a sequel will be on the horizon. There was the very public disaster that was The Green Lantern, $200 million budget (another 50-100 in marketing) $220 million in ticket sales, but oddly talks of a sequel are doing the rounds.

Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens also failed to find a blockbuster audience, it just about covered the $163 Million budget. Spy Kids: All The Time in The World didn’t make anywhere near as much as the previous films but as it only cost $27 Million and made over $50. It’s not much of a success but at least there is a little profit before DVD and Blu Ray. Apollo 18 also made profit (as it cost just $5 million) but I’m sure the studio were hoping for a Paranormal Activity sized return.

For all the latest box office figures head over to the good people at box office mojo.

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