Everything Wrong With Scream


Happy Halloween internet!

While the spooky season has never really been a big deal in England, I love this time of year and look forward to the annual binge watching of horror movies. I might be too afraid to answer the door to trick or treaters, but I sure do enjoy eating the sweets I was meant to hand out. Does it not strike anybody else as being a tad odd that Halloween actively encourages parents to let their kids take candy from strangers?

Anyhoo, it is a sure sign of getting old when movies you grew up with are being remade into woeful TV shows. I wasn’t a fan of the MTV Scream series, not one little bit. That said, long before MTV ruined the Scream name, Scary Movie was a thing and many would argue that Scream 3 and 4 did a fair job of diluting the franchise. 

Cinema Sins are celebrating the Halloween season in style and have released a Everything Wrong With Scream (in 16 minutes or less) video. Having rewatched Scream for the first time in years quite recently, I still think it holds up as the best modern example of the slasher genre. The sequel manages to improve upon the concept and is a treasure chest of in jokes for film geeks like myself. As no film is without sin, even the mighty Scream is loaded with plot holes and logic bombs.

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