Find The Perfect SCALEXTRIC Car This Father’s Day!

IS YOUR DAD A BLUES BROTHER, A TIME-TRAVELLER, OR MORE OF A JAMES BOND? (OR EVEN MR BEAN!) Find the perfect Scalextric car from the Film and TV range to suit your Dad or Father Figure this Father’s Day

This Father’s Day on 18th June 2023 you can tailor your gift to your dad or father figure from the affordable and highly collectable Scalextric Film and TV range – can you see him speeding after villains in one of the James Bond cars, pootling along in Mr. Bean’s Mini, or heading Back to the Future in a four-wheeled time machine?

With so many superbly detailed, collectable scale models on offer, how do you choose? Well, we can help you with that with this handy guide to steer you to the right model:

Is your dad into his vinyl records and old school blues? Then the beautifully battered Dodge Monaco police car (complete with speaker strapped to the roof) from the classic comedy film The Blues Brothers will be for him. Or the undented Chicago Police car, if he prefers something a little more respectable!

Does he go on and on about how the old TV shows are the best? Let’s ask K.I.T.T (that features a cool working red strobe light) from Knight Rider. Or maybe he fancies himself as the next 007? Then grab him the Lotus Esprit from For Your Eyes Only, with skis on the roof for an emergency getaway, or the sleek white convertible Ford Mustang from Goldfinger, so he can practise his smooth moves and handbrake turns!

Does he prefer polishing his car in the garage rather than taking it out for a drive? The best thing about these cars is you don’t even need to put them on a track and race them – they come in superb display cases so you can put them straight onto a shelf, to the envy of the dad next door. But if your dad does want to race, it’s lights, cameras and put the track down. You’d better buckle up – remember, he has one advantage over you – years of experience and a full driving licence!

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“At Scalextric, we’re proud of our attention to detail when it comes to creating miniature versions of iconic film and TV cars,” says Head of Brand, Simon Owen. “We start by researching every aspect of the vehicle, using 3D printing and prototyping to refine the design. Our cars feature custom details unique to each on-screen appearance, such as the strobing light on K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider and the light-up Flux Capacitor on the DeLorean from Back to the Future. We’re passionate about bringing beloved pop culture vehicles to life on the track.”

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