First Trailer For Renfield Shows Off Nic Cage as Dracula

The first trailer for Universal Pictures’ Renfield has arrived, giving us a sneaky glimpse of Nicolas Cage as Count Dracula. Starring Nicolas Hoult as the titular sidekick of the Count, who is beginning the question his unyielding loyalty to a literal monster. Set in modern-day New Orleans, Renfield is looking to rid himself of his toxic relationship with Dracula, but it proves to be tricky to walk away from without bloodshed and kick-ass fighting!

Adding an extra layer to Renfield’s new lease on life is a budding romance with traffic cop Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina). Directed by Chris McKay, who made an impressive directorial debut with The Batman Lego Movie before helming the numbingly generic Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt. Thankfully, the first trailer for Renfield looks like some high-energy fun with what looks like a gleefully insane performance from Nicolas Cage. As soon as I learned Cage would play Dracula, I was already sold on this movie, so it’s a happy surprise that it looks surprisingly good.

Also starring Ben Schwartz, Adrian Martinez, and Brandon Scott Jones, Renfield will be released in cinemas on April 14; check out the trailer below.

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