For Fork Sake! The Good Place Is Ending After Season 4

For Fork sake! The Good Place will be coming to an end after the forthcoming fourth season arrives later this year. The high-concept sitcom created by Michael Shur has been one of the most unexpected treats on the small screen with its boundless imagination. Starring Kristen Bell as a newly arrived resident of the afterlife who has ended up in The Good Place by mistake. To say much more about the plot if you haven’t seen it yet would be unfair. So, I’ll just say that it co-stars Ted Danson in what might be his finest creation to date.

While the impending end of The Good Place is sad, the decision to call it a day wasn’t a network cancellation, but it was the right amount of episodes to tell the story the creative team wanted to tell.

“After The Good Place was picked up for season two, the writing staff and I began to map out, as best we could, the trajectory of the show. Given the ideas we wanted to explore, and the pace at which we wanted to present those ideas, I began to feel like four seasons – just over 50 episodes – was the right lifespan.

I will be forever grateful to NBC and Universal TV for letting us make The Good Place, and for letting us end it on our own schedule. I will also be forever grateful to the creative team, both on-screen and off, for their hard work and dedication to a very weird idea. We ask the question very frequently, on this show, what do we owe to each other? The answer, for me, is: I owe all of you a whole lot. We look forward to a great final season airing this fall.”

Considering the amount of ideas the show runs through in just a couple of episodes, maintaining the concept after so many twists and turns is an impossible task. I would much rather have 50ish episodes of something fantastic than run the risk of the whole thing fizzling out. I’ve lost count of how many high-concept TV shows I’ve invested in that for one reason or another I’ve stopped watching. Thankfully, The Good Place is so well made it demands repeat viewing.

You can watch seasons 1-3 on Netflix right now with season four landing for weekly episodes later this year.

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