Fox Cancels The Last Man on Earth and Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In a double whammy that is almost too much to handle, Fox has cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man On Earth, and I’m in bits.

Created by Will Forte, The Last Man On Earth may have struggled with ratings, but its loyal fans have supported this joyful oddity every step of the way. Produced by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller, The Last Man On Earth puts an upbeat, positive spin on the well-worn post-apocalyptic genre in a comedy that never fails to be funny.

Forte’s show has been on the bubble since day one, while I am gutted to see it go, I’m grateful that we got four seasons with these brilliant characters.┬áThere is nothing to compare The Last Man on Earth against for comparison as its truly in a league of its own. I’ve yet to see any of the fourth and now final season, I might have to save that for when I really need perking up.

Meanwhile, the other high-profile cancellation is perhaps a bit more of a surprise. Andy Samberg’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine might have been only a modest ratings winner, the critical acclaim and global popularity thanks to Netflix has kept it from the chop in previous cycles. I honestly expected Brooklyn Nine-Nine to get a sixth season (likely reduced to 13 episodes) as a send off, but Fox has opted to chop the whacky exploits of the Nine-Nine. No more Tandy, no more Jake, Captain Holt, no more Terry, no more Todd. I’m not sure I can take this in right now, these characters genuinely make the world a happier place. Come on Netflix save at least one of these shows!

The season four finale of Last Man On Earth has already aired in the US, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set to conclude later this month. UK fans get to keep the Nine-Nine around a little longer as we’re only halfway through the fifth and final season on E4. In other news, Kaitlin Olson’s sitcom The Mick has also been axed after two seasons.

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