From Season 3 Teaser

The first teaser for the third season of From has landed to celebrate being halfway to Halloween (it’s a thing). Now, before you get too excited, this short teaser gives very little away aside from taking another dark turn for the unwitting residents of the worst town in Middle America. It has been a long time since a TV show hit me the way From has; from its Stephen King meets Lost vibes to its nightmarish creatures of the night and its rich mythology, From should be a must-see series for all horror fans.

FROM unravels the mystery of a nightmarish town that traps all those who enter. As the unwilling residents fight to keep a sense of normalcy and search for a way out, they must also survive the threats of the surrounding forest – including the terrifying creatures that come out when the sun goes down. Season Two explores just how far the residents of this nightmarish place are willing to go to find answers, even as chilling new threats to their safety – and their sanity – begin to emerge. Check out the first teaser below, From will return for new episodes later this year.

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