George A Romero’s Restored Dawn of the Dead Gets 4K HD Ultra Release

George A Romero’s iconic Dawn of the Dead is getting a lavish release on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray through Second Sight Films. The granddaddy of the zombie genre’s legendary cult classic is being given the VIP treatment with multiple versions of the film included in this must-own collection.

“Dawn of The Dead is set to be released as a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR and will feature George A Romero’s Original, Unrated US Theatrical Release Cut (2:07), Romero’s Pre-US Release Cannes Cut (2:17) and the foreign edition edited by Dario Argento.”

Widely considered as the best of Romero’s Dead saga, Dawn has been painstakingly restored giving fans a fresh experience of a bonafide classic. In addition to Dawn of the Dead, another Romero classic has been restored and Martin will be arriving on Blu-ray around the same time. The restoration was possible by using original elements, including an original camera negative for Dawn of the Dead and a dupe negative for Martin, which will be used to create brand new 4K scans for its UK releases.

“The scanning, colour grading and restoration of both films will be managed by Final Frame under the supervision of Director of Photography Michael Gornick. The mastering and encoding will be handled by one of the entertainment technology industry’s most experienced specialists, David Mackenzie of Fidelity in Motion.

Slated for release late summer 2019, complete with brand new special features and more, Second Sight Films will announce further news on each title in the weeks ahead.” We’ll bring you more details on Dawn of the Dead as soon as we hear something.

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