Honest Trailers 400th Episode The DCEU

There’s no way to be kind about it; the DCEU is at best a hot mess with some high points like Wonder Woman and Joker and some low points like Wonder Woman 1984 and Justice League. Regardless of an overall quality that’s more miss than hit, the new era of DC heroes is at the very least able to provide strokes of genius like Doom Patrol, and for that, I would watch the Snyder Cut 100 times in a row. Well, maybe twice over a long weekend with occasionally napping time.

To celebrate their 400th episodes, those Screen Junkies have made a special episode of Honest Trailers covering the wildly inconsistent ride that has been the DCEU. The future of DC is looking somewhat more promising with The Flash movie (hopefully) re-setting the timeline and open up the multiverse with the return of both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as different era Bruce Waynes. While it is believed that Affleck’s role in the movie will be little more than a cameo, Keaton’s Batman is reportedly a key part of the plot. Enjoy the the Honest Trailer 400th Episode above, and just in case you’ve missed the last couple of Honest Trailers, you can find them below.

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