Human Centipede 2 gets a pass from the BBFC

Human centipedeWhen the BBFC didn’t grant Human Centipede 2 a certificate and released a damming statement, it became clear that no cut of the film would be passed. After learning about some of the disgusting things that occur in the sequel, I was relieved it wouldn’t get a general release. It’s been a long time since a film was banned and this has drummed up a lot of attention for the forthcoming film. Well, after a few edits here and there Eureka Entertainment are releasing the film with an 18 certificate.

Ian Sadler, Sales Director for Eureka Entertainment, Bounty Films’ UK distributor said: “We are really pleased that after nearly 4 months of detailed discussion and debate, we have been able to reach an agreement with the BBFC and to produce a very viable cut of the film which will both excite and challenge its fans. Naturally we have a slight disappointment that we have had to make cuts, but we feel that the storyline has not been compromised and the level of horror has been sustained.”.

I am not a fan of these type of movies, I’m all for horror movies, even some of the 80’s body horror movies had their moments. I have seen the first movie and simply found it quite repulsive, I guess that’s the idea. Bog standard plot, weak acting and a even more feeble script. It was shocking for the sake of it and it seems it’s director Tom Six is upping the gore and ugliness to get more attention for a sequel that nobody asked for!

Cinema is subjective, it means different things to different people. I am sure there is a fan base for this type of film, mostly from underage teens who are daring each other to watch it. The standard of what we find acceptable for a movie shifts as the years go on, I can’t imagine HC2 will enrich my life or provide me with a movie experience I will remember forever, actually it likely would as I’m sure I would remember the time I vomited so violently it broke my spine.

As I get older ‘gorno horror’, mindless brutality and shock value films just don’t hold their appeal. I am not a complete wimp, horror is the genre I grew up on after all. I just see films like this as a huge step back for a genre that fought so hard to be taken more seriously. Needless to say I won’t be watching it, reviewing it and news of a third film only fills me with dread.

I fear I have opened the door to a much longer debate/rant/discussion.

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