Indie Spotlight: Two Pound Forty Pence

We’ve all encountered the somewhat awkward situation of passing by an unfortunate homeless person when you’ve just spent your last few pounds. Most of us automatically want to do something to help them out, what decent human being wouldn’t, but when you’ve only got enough change to make the last night bus home it leaves you in something of a social quandary.

This very subject matter is the focus of the latest short film from 23½ Films in the eerie thriller Two Pound and Forty Pence. Written & directed by Daniel Harding, and starring Neil James and Steve Larkin, TP&FP is a taunt thriller that plays on our collective social anxiety and delivers a well-executed short that stays with you long after the credits have rolled.

Neil James stars as Stephen, a regular bloke who is trying to make the last night bus and is down to his last £2.40. However, his journey home is met with constant interruption from an over zealous homeless man (Steve Larkin) who won’t take no for an answer. I’ll refrain from giving away spoilers as you should check the film out for yourself, but this is part thriller, part cautionary tale with just a hint of dark satire for good measure.

On a side note, thanks to South Park, whenever I hear somebody say “can you spare any change” my mind immediately plays Randy Marsh hollering “Change” from the episode The Night of The Living Homeless. It’s a sickness on my part, and I’m working on it every day. That said, having watched Two Pound and Forty Pence I might be on the way to a cure.

Rating: B+

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