Jaws 19 Trailer Finally Arrives


It’s Still Not Safe To Go Back Into The Water, Again!

2015 is a special year for Back To The Future fans, this was the neon-bathed future that Marty McFly visited in part two of the trilogy and that future has yet to fully arrive in reality. To be more specific, the date Marty traveled to was October 21st, 2015 and a series of celebrations are on their way thanks to Universal Pictures.

A new Blu-ray release of the trilogy has even more special features than before; there’s even a limited edition Back to The Future Flux Capacitor version for the hardcore fans.

While hover boards are yet to be sold in every toy shop (those wheeled platforms don’t count), a few things from the BTTF universe have become a reality. Nike is releasing some self-lacing sneakers, Pepsi will soon be making a limited edition bottle, but that’s about it. However, one of the neatest in-jokes of part two was the glimpse we saw of Jaws 19 from director Max Spielberg. If you’ve ever wondered what happened in the other fourteen sequels that led up to that, prepare your mind to wonder no more.

A cute teaser trailer to announce the release of Jaws 19 offers a quick catch of the franchise, taking a cue out of 22 Jump Streets book; the Jaws sequels get suitably ridiculous.

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