John C. Reilly & Will Ferrell Reunite in Holmes & Watson Trailer

As difficult as it might be to accept, Step Brothers is ten years old now, and it looks like a sequel is never going to happen. However, at long last the two leading men have finally reunited. Will Ferrell stars as Sherlock Holmes with John C. Reilly as his trusty sidekick John Watson in the aptly titled Holmes & Watson.

Serving as a contrast to the Guy Richie films that starred Robert Downey Jr, Etan Cohen’s (Get Hard) comedy pitches the dynamic duo as bumbling oafs who would be more at home with Johnny English. The first trailer has arrived ahead of its festive release, and it’s about what you’d expect.

Originally set up for Sacha Baron Cohen to play Holmes and Will Ferrell would be his sidekick Watson, the project was retooled to reunite Ferrell and Reilly. I have a lot of love for Step Brothers, and I’m occasionally fond of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Regardless of the quality of those films, one thing is undeniable. Ferrell and Reilly have amazing comic chemistry, most of the funniest stuff is improvised, and I would watch a three-hour gag reel of those guys any day of the week. That said, Holmes & Watson is unlikely to be a comedy for the ages, but it could be a fun distraction over the Christmas holidays.

For me, the best Sherlock based comedy is the 1988 Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley film Without A Clue. Caine plays the famed detective only here he’s a drunk actor employed by the keen-minded Watson as a front. Check it out!

Also starring Ralph Fiennes as Sherlock’s nemesis Professor Moriarty, Hugh Laurie as Mycroft Holmes (in a fun nod to his comedy partner Stephen Fry playing the character in Game of Shadows). That’s not all, Rob Brydon as Inspector Lestrade, Pam Ferris as Queen Victoria, Rebecca Hall as Dr. Grace Hart, with Kelly Macdonald, and Steve Coogan. That’s all. On a side note, if you were hoping for an R-rated Sherlock I have some bad news. Holmes & Watson is rated PG-13, so there will be no eating white dog poo or singing about boats and hoes.

Holmes & Watson is released in the US on December 21st and arrives in the UK on Boxing Day.

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