Kelsey Grammer Might Be Rebooting Frasier

Warning: The following article contains details about a possible Frasier reboot that some readers will find upsetting, so hold onto your tossed salads and scrambled eggs.

Frasier might be about the join the growing list of 90s revivals/reboots with the news that Kelsey Grammer is developing a potential reboot. Deadline has the scoop, and according to them the new version will be something of a ‘soft reboot.’ Here’s how Deadline put it;

“Unlike the slew of recent revivals of comedy series with the original cast and original creative auspices, including Will & Grace, Roseanne and Murphy Brown, I hear that Frasier is envisioned as a reboot, likely set in a new city, with the title character, played by Grammer, as a possible link to the Emmy-winning 1993 series.”

Hmmmmm. It is worth noting that at this stage, Grammer is thinking about doing something new with the character and is shopping the idea around to see if there’s any interest. That said, the power of what made Frasier so good was always the flawless ensemble cast. David Hyde Pierce, Jane Leeves, Peri Gilpin, the late great John Mahoney, and Grammer is what made the show the classic it remains to this day. Guest appearances from the rest of the cast shouldn’t be ruled out, but it’s early days, and there’s no guarantee that Frasier 2.0 will be taken to series.

Sure, it might have been a spin-off from Cheers (another great ensemble piece), but in my humble opinion, Frasier was a superior sitcom.

Revivals and reboots remain popular with TV networks, but perhaps Frasier is best left in the past. If the recent Will & Grace, Red Dwarf, and The X-Files revivals taught us anything, it’s that ensemble shows need as much as the original cast and creative forces as possible to succeed. We’ll bring you more on Frasier’s possible return as soon as we hear something.

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