Kickboxer Retaliation Sets Home Entertainment Release Date

Get ready to be body slammed in Kickboxer Retaliation the action-packed blockbuster sequel, with martial arts icon Jean-Claude Van Damme, Highlander star Christopher Lambert, Mike Tyson, and the man-mountain Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson from Game of Thrones. On a side note, I’m still haunted by the outcome of The Mountain’s fight with Oberyn Martell, I can never eat a Creme Egg the same way again.

Following the success of last year’s reboot Kickboxer Vengence, the sequel picks up a year after Kurt Sloan braved the underworld fighting arena and defeated Tong Po (Dave Bautista). Sloan has vowed never to return to Thailand. But while he is preparing for an MMA title shot, he is drugged and wakes up in a Thai prison. His captors want him to face a colossus named Mongkut – in return, Sloan will get $2 million dollars and his freedom. If he doesn’t fight,his wife will die. So Sloan has no other choice but to undergo his most rigorous training yet, under some very unexpected mentors, in order to take on this dreaded opponent.

Fully loaded with exotic Thailand locations, fiery fight scenes and some stupendous stunt-work, Kickboxer Retaliation is a no- holds barred-slice of slam-bang cinema. With a finale that will make your eyes water, this is a blistering blast of mixed martial arts mayhem that hits the viewer right between the eyes

The good news is that a third movie in the rebooted franchise has already been shot and Kickboxer: Syndicate is due for release sometime in 2018.

Kickboxer Retaliation arrives on Digital Download on January 26th and hits DVD & Blu-ray on March 5.

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